Importance of Export Customs Clearance

Importance of Export Customs Clearance

Nov 12, 2020 Logistics by nasog

Export customs clearance processes vary from country to country and product to product. However, when the customs clearance is done in the export phase, it is often referred to as export customs clearance. In this process, customs duties are paid by the importer for the imported goods which are brought into the country for trade purposes. For this reason, importers must make sure that the goods they import are not liable for duties. In most cases, the importer has to pay the duties on goods on arrival, which can cause delays and increase the transport cost of goods.

Export customs clearinghouses are responsible for clearing exports. These warehouses take care of the entire processing of the products, ensuring that all the legal requirements are met. The importers can also be contacted for additional assistance during export processing, in case they encounter any difficulties while importing goods. This is essential since exporters are required to file a complete document with their export agents before importing the goods.



Most of the exporters find the export clearance process quite difficult. It takes time to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled. The importers can hire international agencies that offer specialized services for handling these types of matters. These agencies also provide advice and guidance to the importers. There are a number of organizations, which are well-versed in the export process, and can ensure that all the requirements are satisfied and that all the documents are properly filled. They can also check whether the goods you are planning to import are liable for customs duty and can advise you if the goods would require to be taxed. In order to facilitate the customs clearance, exporters can contact one of the many exporters’ organizations that offer advice on how to handle the export process.

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