“Little Giants” Community Centre

“Little Giants” Community Centre

Nov 13, 2020 Childcare by nasog

Little Giants Auburn” is a family oriented community that provides outstanding facilities for children, their parents and friends. We have three schools located at “Okehampton Park” a community centre in the heart of Okehampton, which are “Nethergate Primary”Woolacombe Primary” and the fourth school in our community centre is “Nethergate Primary School”.

little giants auburn

“Little Giants” Community Centre

The Little Giants Community centre is located at Cornwall Road, offering easy access to all other centres in the community. Renovated from a busy centre, our centre is purpose-built, air-conditioned, fully equipped, with a separate art studio and 5 room Early Childhood Learning Centre. Each room has a comfortable bed, chairs, toys, a desk and a computer table and each room has separate entrance/exit points as well as a separate toilet block. The centre also has its own garden with a pool and play areas for the children to enjoy.

The Woolacombe Primary School is a family centre that has a different feel. It is set in the centre of Okehampton, with the two schools situated on opposite sides of the main road. The Woolacombe Primary School has an entrance door on its own garden road and offers a large grassy playing ground, as well as a fully equipped classroom and music room. There are three classrooms located on one side of the primary school, each with two separate entrance/exit points.

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