What Can Clones Solicitor Do For You?

What Can Clones Solicitor Do For You?

Mar 29, 2021 Law by nasog

If you have been recently through the divorce process then there are many things that could possibly cost you a considerable sum of money, and this is where a Clones Solicitor comes into play. A Clones Solicitor is someone who specifically acts on behalf of their client and is often paid a flat rate fee for whatever services they offer to them. They are then paid by the client a percentage of any settlements they obtain, which will be based on a percentage of their earnings. This is a great way to deal with an unnecessary financial burden, which would otherwise sit on your credit for years to come!

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Clones Solicitor also works under a confidentiality clause, so all communications between the Clones Solicitor and their client are kept strictly confidential. These communications can be arranged in any number of ways and are used in regards to prenuptial agreements, child custody and post-divorce proceedings. Clones Solicitor can also deal with the financial aspects of a divorce and help their client to settle all their debts before the final divorce hearing. Clones Solicitor has all the necessary experience to deal with any and all financial matters from a financial point of view. Their team of highly trained legal advisors are able to advise their clients on all legal matters and ensure that they obtain the best possible settlement.

Clones Solicitor also provides their client with a no win no fee arrangement, so if they lose the case they do not have to pay up. However they are not obliged to accept any compensation if they lose the case, and so it is completely within the client’s rights to forgo a fee if they fail to win the case. The no win no fee agreement means that the Clones Solicitor does not have to accept any fees if they lose the case, which may prove to be essential should the divorce go ahead and be a lengthy and expensive process.

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